Help me with lens alignment on Runco 940/Barco 708


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I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a problem or not. During the CRT projection angle adjustment on my Runco 940 I cannot make any vertical adjustments to the cross-hairs....only horizontal. I have the Barco 708 installation manual and it describes the loosening of the 4 screws per lens but with these loose I don't get any vertical that normal? My red is quite a bit lower than my green crosshair, blue is not quite so far but both red/blue are lower than the green. How do I fix this? What I've done is move past this screen and completed my geometry and picture is good but the bottom of the screen doesn't come into as clear of focus as the I'm assuming that's a problem with my alignment and I'm simply overcomming it with the convergence. My rasters are centered...I've checked those. Anyone else experience this phenominon?

Scott McDonald


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I cannot tell you why it is less sharp on the bottom , but i confirm no physical vertical alignment on 708 other than the raster shift in Geometry -> Vertical raster shift RGB.



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Well, got my answer from Curt Palme.....You adjust the cross-hairs using the raster shift....which as Curt puts it.....goes against everything else your taught about CRT Projectors except the 708/Runco 940. You center the rasters but then you don't center them so that the tubes will be aligned.....good'ol instruction always the truth is somewhere in between....
So I'm off to do a complete setup on my Runco 940...JOY!

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