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I haven't really had the urge to move into the HD arena until now and have been reading up a little on HD TVs, dvd players etc.

First and foremost, I am looking for a decent TV and have a budget of a around £850. I am very impressed with the Sony Bravia KDL-32S2010. Is this a good lcd TV? People also seem to be raving about the Toshiba 32wlt66. Which one would be better in terms of picture quality? Also, are the Samsung, Panasonic 32' sets better than the Sony Bravia?

If I wanted to watch HD video, what is the best connection to the TV for pic quality? Would it be through a HDMI cable?

All help greatly appreciated.:)

andrew markwort

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Personally I'd prefer the Panasonic over the others with Sony in 2nd. It's generally accepted (at least in the reviews I've read) that the Panasonic has the best black levels of practically any LCD and the colours can be superb if you've the patience and a suitable calibration disc (e.g. Digital Video Essentials) to tune it in properly. The only negative magazine reviews I've read of the Panasonic contradicted each other (one said the colours were too harsh, the other the colours were too soft - go figure) Otherwise, the reviews I've seen have been glowing. However, your mileage may differ and checking out the threads discussing the sets you've mentioned should help you a lot.

For HD you will have to bite the bullet and go for HDMI. Although Sky HD *at the moment* can be fed through component, don't expect this to last for ever. The best way to think of HDMI is like a digital scart lead. It sends vision and sound signals. You can also get DVI connections which only deal in vision. The sound has to be sent by separate wires (e.g. audio L and R cables). This option may be okay for you if e.g. you are sending the sound to an AV amp. But I'd personally advise going for HDMI whenever possible - it just makes life a bit easier (and I personally think the sound-vision synch is a bit better).

Regardless of make, there are two things I'd say are vital to consider. First, the number of HDMI connections. Although you might not think so now, at least two are likely to be essential in the next few years. Of course you can get HDMI switcher boxes, but why give yourself the extra expense when you can get them as standard on some TVs? Second, if you are likely to want to watch the set from more than one position in the room, make sure you get one with a swivel stand. The second point may sound bizarre, but I've heard several friends and work colleagues gripe about lack of this facility recently, so I'm guessing it must be important to some folks.

Hope this helps.

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