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Help me with choosing Home Cinema Systems!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by andekar, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. andekar


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    I'm looking for a complete Home Cinema system either with DVD or DVD-recorder. Nice sound from "good-looking" speaker package.

    What do you recommend?? First of all, a system or components?
    I have been looking at some options:

    Denon DHT-500SD
    Panasonic SC-HT520
    Panasonic SC-HT870
    Panasonic SC-HT1500
    Pioneer RCS-9H

    Yamaha RX-V650
    Yamaha RX-V557
    Onkyo TX-SR 502
    Pioneer VSX-1014

    Samsung DVD-HD945
    Onkyo DV-SP 402
    Pioneer DV-575

    DVD Recorder:
    Samsung DVD-HR720

    Speaker package:
    Canton Movie CD-1
    KEF KHT-1005
    Infinity TSS-750
    Harman Kardon HKTS11

    Please help me in this jungle of products... I'm thinking of a prize range for the whole system of maximum 850£
  2. Caimbeul

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    I wouldnt hold out too much hope of getting any response in this forum it seems awfully quiet compared to others (either that or nobody is willing to help)

    :lesson: >>>>[this does not apply to the kind souls who have already given me some valuable advice]<<<< its just more of a general observation rather than a criticism :D

    Anyway on to your question! - I am in a similar situation at the moment, looking at the the same sort of budget (preferebly less).

    I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all quarters for the Denon 500SD. Allthough if you are considering an All-in-One the Denon 550SD seems rather good if you can find one. RRP is £750 but can be found for about £550-£600. look it up on the Denon site - it has active sub same finish etc but is split into 2 slim seperates with a tone of connections (important to me). The only down side is no HDMI out like the Sammy HD-945 (HD-950 is the new one coming out and is only £140rrp)

    I think if you want a decent set up from seperate components like you list, it may be more expensive.

    A friend reccomended the following setup to me but I cant justify the cost to the other half :( :

    DVD Player = Samsung HD-950 (or 945 i guess) £140
    AV Receiver = Denon AVR-1905 £299 or less
    Speakers = Mordaunt-Short Genie (£730) or for less money the Mordaunt-Short Avant Premier Plus (around £500)

    i cant comment too much about the other components as have been looking for myself really. I hope this goes a small way to helping you make a decission.

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