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Hi, like many I have fallen into a downward spiral of choosing a TV only to later discounting it before deciding all TV are rubbish...

I really DO need to upgrade the main TV in house and I will plan to keep this for 10+ yrs I would quite like native Freesat

TV is viewed from about 3m from a single LONG sofa (over 3m) which is on a parallel wall to the TV
I think 65" (though I could live with 55") will be best balance between budget, WAF, immersive experience
Watching is almost entirely Netflix, PLEX (decent quality rips) and probably Freesat type channels.
Room has white paint/wood floor and is reasonably light although direct sunlight is prevented with a venetian blind and almost all TV is watched later in the day when sun has passed over that side of house.
I do not really game or leave TV on in background although it may get left on bay accident
Pet hates for me (no particular order)
-dirty screen effect on e.g. sports pitches
-laggy interface
-poor black levels and lack of shadow detail
-colour banding
-motion trails and ghosting

Budget is ruled by my head (rather than bank account) as I feel uncomfortable spending SO much on a TV but I would certainly want to go below £2k

Reading the above I seem like an ideal candidate for OLED **BUT** I cannot help but have an irrational fear of burn in/degradation and I genuinely worry that this would affect my enjoyment of the TV (sad, I know). I suppose I want to see how close to OLED I can get with my type of viewing and also if I dont actually need to spend this much after all

SO other than Q80T and LG BX what should I be looking at (I can wait til Good Friday if necessary)



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Sony XH9505 would tick most of your boxes. But really you need to decide between LCD and OLED and then start to narrow it down.


You need to decide on OLED or LCD really, otherwise you will go round in too many circles. A lot of the traits you dislike are products of LCD TVs, particularly lower tier ones. You may find a TV like the Samsung Q90T or Sony XH9505 are good enough, but they won't have perfect uniformity, particularly in HDR mode when the backlight is on full.

If HDR is not on the agenda, then that is when you can consider spending less on an LCD TV, but as you step down lines dimming gets worse meaning poor screen uniformity will be more common.

Since you want Freesat and if you choose LCD, then the Sony XH9505 is out of the question. Despite having sat tuners, Sony TVs do not have the Freesat license, so you won't get a guide with them, only now and next info.

You are limited to both LG and Samsung TVs if you want Freesat. Samsung models have dual tuners for recording, whilst LGs only a single one.

Some prior threads may help you:


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That is interesting regarding the dual freesat tuners in Samsung TV's thanks presumably they allow timeshifting/recording of one channel while watching another.

My in laws bough at qe55q90r a few months back. Assuming the Q90T are broadly comparable and that 55" performance extrapolates to 65" I think I will take look at that. I do not think you can get 90r for love nor money now

It sounds like if the Q90T is not good enough then I will have to look at OLED


Yes, providing you have an external USB disk connected, with dual tuners you can record what you watch and something else, or if not using the tuner, record two programmes at once. The downside is the software to record directly on a TV is pretty rudimentary, I'm not sure series recording is possible, and I'm not sure it will keep recording if a programme is running late as PVRs are designed to do. Using a tuner direct on the TV is nice from the respect of having less remotes, but its not great from a usability point of view if you are recording. With LG you need the WX OLED before dual tuners are included.

The Q90R overall is probably a better TV than this years Q90T, but they are similar.

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