Help me wire my house, HDMI, Baluns, Cat5 ARGGHHH!


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Hi All,
I have an issue I have 2 Virgin media boxes both with hdmi out I want one for the front room and one for the rest of the house, the one for the front room will go through an onkyo 604 amp and then to a projector and a tv via a HDMI splitter, the second is more troublesome, I need to get 4 tv's supplied from one HDMI on the back of the second box, I found something that looked good was a 4 way splitter than included baluns for the rooms and sent the signal over cat5 this was from but it is out of stock atm. That still left me with an issue of the IR signal making it back to this box that the channel can be changed from any of the rooms.

Does anyone have a HDMI signal distributed across more than 3 tvs and if so how do you do it and how do you provide the IR signal so that you can change channel any help would be massivley appriciated! Thanks in Advance

PS Cables are not an issue as I can use any the house is empty and im about to pull the floorboards up I just need a cheap product/solution and Ill work with whatever it requires. I am allready running Coax for all the tvs so that their inbuilt digital tuners will be working and was planning on 2 cat 5 to each tv as well but if someone can offer another option that can change.
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