Help me understand motion handling in games on today's LCD TVs

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    I know this is not what most of you are talking about here, but I need some trained eye for practical advice on TV buying based on motion blur for gaming.

    Let's see a few examples of good photos of motion on lcd tvs form rtings...

    On some tvs scanning backlight is default, you cant turn it off or change settings, so we get images like this on 60hz gaming:

    Samsung H7150


    Samsung JU7100


    We see this double/multiple image effect in action.

    Sony TVs have classic motion blur at default:



    But you can turn on the scanning end get various results:


    So... I'm strugging with choice for my console gaming which is of course 30 and 60 fps.

    Would you guys choose classic motion blur mode on tv for this use or some of those that have scanning backlight?

    Choice is the best of course, but only sony has that and youre stuck to their tvs then .

    I wonder how would all this look in real world gaming situtations, but I guess it has to be close to those photos.

    Thanx a lot.

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