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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by matblack, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Hi guys

    Here is my current situation, I bought a projector of a guy from another forum and unfortunately during transit the bulb was broken (see other thread), hence it is having to be returned. Depending on if it is economically viable I may buy it back when its fixed, but in the mean time I am considering my options.

    I bought the unit for £450 but might be able to go higher than this ~£600, so I thought I would give you some idea about my room and requirements and see if you can suggest something. I don't mind secondhand or new, I just want the best PQ and a large picture 2.5-3m? across at a reasonable price.

    The room itself is a cellar conversion and I will be able to obtain almost backout conditions, the throw is about 3.8m to a flat wall which will later have a proper retractable screen. I would like a large picture with good clarity and acurate colour.

    The PJ will be mostly used for film but also some Playstation action and some PC gaming (not a lot though I prefer my 21" monitor for the PC). The Projector can be mounted at any height required as there is a shelving unit square to and exactly opposite the viewing wall.

    I have been reading about projectors here for a while now and I just can't make up my mind. I am exceptionally impressed with the pics I have seen of the Sony HS10/20s in action,

    how good an idea is it to buy one of these secondhand?
    Are they reliable?
    Are the a write off if they go wrong outside the standard warantee period?
    would I be better off with a new unit at the same price?
    If so, which one?

    I don't know what my tolerance to DLP is yet as I haven't had a demo, hopefully will be able to sort that out at some point.

    I have even considered CRT projection as the quality of some of the Barco pics I have seen have been amazing, but the long term costs put me off (also getting the thing into the cellar!)

    Sorry for all the questions


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