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...One of my wifes friends is a goth DJ and gave her a song, they are no longer in touch, the song was awesome not what i would think was goth it had a good dance beat but their was a fella sining in a kinda dower fasion.

whats the song or a sugestion of the band?

she also played electro/industrial type music so it may not be goth.

thanks in advance


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Need a bit more help there... do you remember any of the lyrics?


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sorry n, but thier werent many, it just had a really strong dance type beat then some fella started and i think it may have slowed a bit then went intense again, it was almost 2 years ago we last heard it, we've been looking for the cd for about a year. if its any help the guy sounds very much like you would imagine a goth type singer to sound slow and gravely lots of breath sound (i think - I may be confusing it with other songs)


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Have you tried look through the artist list on

They sell an excellent stock of gothic, darkwave, ebm and intrustrial music.

Otherwise we could be here for ever naming bands which fall into any of the above catergories!! :D

Bands like:
Razed In Black
Star Industrry
Clan Of Xymox
VNV Nation
The Crüxshadows
Diary of Dreams
The Last Dance

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