Help me - PT-AX100E wont display bright white!


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Hello all

Ive searched everywhere but cannot find anyone with this same problem that i have. My projector is a Panasonic PT-AX100E, ceiling mounted and projecting onto a 120" screen. When there is a fair amount of white on the image, the image will flicker, when the image is almost all white, the projector stop displaying the image entirely and goes back to the blue home screen. As soon as the image colours darked again, image is restored.

I am trying to play Wii and xbox, but the problem also shows itself in movies when there are explosions or other bright scenes. On the Wii it often happens in the menus as they are all mainly white, and in Forza 3 on xbox 360 it wont display the menu system at all (almost all white)

When i had the projector on my coffee table as a temp setup i did not experience this problem, only since i put the projector on the ceiling and ran 10m long component and coaxial cables has the problem occured.

I have thought that the problem may have been caused by my connections on the back of the RCA panel that i installed in the ceiling, but i am unsure. The cables run horizontally above the ceiling, then they enter an old metal chimney and travel down vertically to a whole that i drilled in the wall, they then come out the wall and into my AV switch box.

Please help me, im thinking it may be an interference problem but im unsure!!

Thanks in advance..

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