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Hi all,

Been extremely grateful for all of the help I've received on here, the level of knowledge is way way above my head!

I have LG55C6V OLED in main room, had it for 3.5 years and love it, except last few months it's developed green horizontal lines at the bottom, only really noticeable on yellow screens, have written to LG who have dismissed it, but I'm going to try and push for repair/replace. Asked for advice on pursuing a claim on LG forum on here, but no answer yet.
Problem is it's put me off OLED slightly, and I bought (stupidly) from Curry's with no extended warranty :facepalm:

So now for my current choice - In a nutshell, I'm looking for mid sized LCD TV for second room as follows;

Sofa Directly in front approx 2m
Mainly used for Sky Q (sports HD/4K), Netflix, Amazon Prime (HD /4K movies) and gaming, PS5 (when in stock)
Screen not far from bright window (blinds can be drawn during the day if necessary)

Ive been torn between spending £400/£500 on a reasonable 43/48/49 I like the idea of ambilight and probably had the Phillips 50PUS8555 .... other choices were Samsung Q60, or Panasonic hx800 OR spending £800-£900 on a high end 49/50 LCD - Sony 49xh9505 clearly fits that bill.

I think on balance I've decided to spend the extra cash and get the Sony....

Got a nice price match from RS to bring the 49xh9505 down to £806, so the question is should i go for it, or have I missed anything...

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