Help Me Ppplllleaasee!!!



I have a DENON3800 hooked to a TOSHIBA2107 DVD player by coaxial.

For some reason the sound on some DVD's cuts out for a second then returns, thus spoiling the movie. It usual happens on the same films (but in different places each time) but now it is happening on films that were fine before!

I read in a magazine (WHAT HIFI I think) that the problem is caused by the chipset and DOLBY are to release an add on to solve the problem, but this was about nine months ago and HOME CINEMA CHOICE/TOTAL DVD etc have never had the problem or the add on in there news section.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know when this add on will be available??

This problem is DRIVING......ME.......IINNNNSAAANNEEE!!!:mad:


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Are you using a proper 75ohm digital connector?
Have seen this fault with people trying to use a standard phono lead.
Try borrowing a lead off of someone and trying it regardless, see what happens then.

Mark :p


No, I am working with a standard phono lead but will try a digital connector. Thanks. Heres hoping!;)

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