Help me please my PC has died !!


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Help please :lease: :lease: :lease: :lease:

Ive finally bitten the bullet and bought a legit copy of windows MCE 2005 to install on my 2 PCs

Before doing so I decided to swap a few bits around between them with the aim of one being decidedly faster and more reliable with a bigger hardrive and the second to be used in my cinema room. This is what I changed,

(Taken from 1st (now not working pc)
CPU (AMD Athlon 3000)
2 * 512 MB ram sticks
1 Maxtor 200gb hardrive

These were replaced with
CPU (AMD Athlon 3000+)
1 256 mb ram
1 Maxtor 60gb hardrive
1 Maxtor 40 gb hardrive

When i booted up the pc after these bits were swapped over I got nothing at all not even a BIOS screen, just the power supply and fans going and a "power on" light on the mother board.
The PC i swapped them to worked fine. Thinking something was not compatable i swapped everything back but still nothing.

I have checked all the parts in the other PC and they are working fine which leads me to believe the mother board has developed a fault ? Are there any suggestions on how i can confirm this ?

Sorry if I havent added enough info Im new to this pc building business but on a steep learning curve !!

for reference the motherboard in question is a ASUS A7N8X - X

If you require any further info please ask and ill do my best to answer.

thankyou very much in advance

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Id guess it's the FSB setting for the CPU.... there are two variants of the XP3000.. one runs @333Mhz FSB, one runs @400Mhz

have a look at the part number on the CPUs..

will look like this: AXDA3000DKV4D

if the last letter is D it's the 333Mhz version
if the last letter is E it's the 400Mhz version

are yours both the same or different?

Dan L

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"Ive finally bitten the bullet and bought a legit copy of windows MCE 2005 to install on my 2 PCs"

Don't you mean you bought two legit copies of MCE to install on your 2 PCs?


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