Help Me Please, Hard Drive not in Bios


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This morning i turned on my pc and was told their was no Hard drive found so i restarted and looked in the Bios and it is not their.

I then opened the pc and made sure all the cables where firmly attached and they are.

Please Help Me :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:




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You need to post some more information.

What type of hard drive is it , SATA or IDE , if you dont know those terms , is the hard drive connected with a large ribbon cable or a thin cable.

What is the motherboard model number.

If the hard drive is connected via SATA , then that particular sata interface may need to be switched on or enabled in the Bios , it may even need drivers installed.


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Its a Maxta Sata Hard drive and its an asus motherboard(ive just gave it to a mate, so i don't knw the actual MB Model Number ), the PC has windows XP on and was working fine last night.


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Ive bought a new Maxtor 500gb Hard Drive and replaced it with my other one. Ive just loaded XP Home on to it and its working fine so it was definetly the hard drive.

The annoying thing is the old 500gb Maxtor HD was less than 6 months old and i have now lost a lot of my data.

:suicide: :suicide: :suicide:

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