Help me pick 1 of 3 amps! (amp noob)


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Hi Guys,

This is my my 3rd overall thread but all around the same thing:

I've got a Squeezebox Touch for Christmas and am now getting myself an amp and speakers for streaming music from my bedroom rig to my more relaxed living room :)

For the stereo amp I'm looking to spend around £150. I'm very new to understanding the need and functionality of these things :D

So I've done a lot of reading and I think my final 3 amp choices are:

  1. Denon PMA-510AE
  2. OnkyoA9155B
  3. Pioneer A209R
I guess my choice of amp depends on a few things other than budget, one being speakers/speaker budget; I'm currently looking into these Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 Blackwood but may make a separate thread for my speaker decision (max £200ish).

An additional question; can those amps also be used my with TV? (2009 LG LCD)

So, what would you choose of those 3 amps?
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Sorry to bump, but does anyone here have knowledge/experience on any of those 3 amps? I'd really love some advice on choosing one!
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