help me people.picture in picture when using tupt600b tuner



hey everyone

been sesrching but cant find the answer.be easy on me i know the tupt600b is rubbish but i was skint after purchasing my th-42pwd6 and i found one cheap on ebay. can anyone help me?

i have the tuner board and also the bnc comp video terminal board. is there any way i can use the picture in picture by wiring things different?if not what would i need to get picture in picture back.

bascially i have a dvd player,amp,ps2 and sky plus box.

sorry if this has been answered but i cant find it.


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The tuner diasbles the PIP. You cannot use any other boards with the tuner connected.


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if you have the component board i would look at dropping the tuner and maximising that.


There are 2 freeview boxes that output component video did you know? Topfield and Netgem. TV tuning straight to your BNC terminals. Get that 600 back onto fleabay now!

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