Help me pass my degree, and become famous (maybe) :p read on!

Mega Maniac

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Hello to you all, I am an occasional reader of these forums and have used the excellent classified section to buy and sell a projector or two over the past couple of years. The community here is generally excellent and incredibly helpful. So let me explain why I'm posting;

I'm in my third year at Uni at the moment studying media production and I have to produce an individual video project. Like a short film or thereabouts.

I am currently in the planning and ideas development stage and one idea I really want to follow up is a you-tube based contemporary shot.

Essentially I would be asking the internet community at large to upload a short clip onto youtube so I can gather them and edit them together as my final piece. An example of this would be asking for videos of your journey to work, then editing everyones journey together as a single piece.

However this idea has a few devlopment issues to overcome and the first and foremost is to assess the responce from the internet comunity.

So my question to you is this, if I were to ask if any of you would be so kind as to upload a short video to help me acomplish this project would you wish to help out? All participents would be credited at the end of the video, obviously :) But most of all I would just be incredibly thankful for any volunteers.

Mega Maniac

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What i really need is just clips of significant parts of the trip, i.e. eating breakfast, leaving the house, getting in the car, setting off, getting stuck in traffic :)p) arriving at work etc.

If I got alot of responses and each person submitted just a couple of these important parts of the "journey" I can edit them together into my final piece.

I don't want to be responsible for the pileup on the motorway cas somone was driving with one hand whilst carefully filming with the other :p


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I dont know if recording my journey to work would be incriminating against me and the way I drive :D
Surely it's evidence?


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You probably already have this covered, but I guess people filming their commute puts this in the same category, if not worse, than using a mobile phone while driving, eg illegal. I know you could get passengers to do this, or just not film the drive, but I reckon most commuters are lone travellers and cutting out the actual travel may invalidate your video.

Sorry, I'm not knocking the idea, I think it would give some nice results if you can pull it off..

Gary D

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do you want a video of my trip downstairs to the room where my office is? :D

Many days i dont have to go to the office as i work from home much of the time. :D

(i wish it was this week as the Tories are in town, closing roads and making the city centre in accessable - trip to work is a nightmare this week. Still Dave and his chinless wonders in pinstripe go home today)


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Don't do it, he works from home, he works in his birthday suit 5 days a week!

Mega Maniac

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There are many parts of the journey that dont invole the drive. Honestly I dont want anyone to risk crashing their car on the motorway trying to film themselves driving. But all the points from getting out of bed to getting into the car would be invaluable to me, if you get stuck in traffic a short few second clip would be ideal.

each clip in the final sequence will be no more than a couple of seconds if that.

And Iccz- I think i'm probably as guilty as you as abiding by the road laws, getting speed camera updates on my tom tom has turned me into a bit of a criminal :p

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