Question Help me out please what should I keep what should I buy


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Thanks for,looking in im after advice on upgrading my sound experience.

Projector in room only no tv

Sound will be 99% movies, either sky q or bd from ps4

Room size is 5m by 5m

Seating all at back of the room

Current equipment
Denon avr x2000

Sub bk monolith
Fronts q accoustic 1050i
Centre q accoustic
Left and rght q accoustic 1020i
Rear l and right 1010i

Projector epson tw9000w

New house and not put any of this in yet wired for 7.1 but thinking id rather go atmos 5.1.2

Obviously the amp needs to be replaced, with a suitable atmos capable one, atmos speakers obviously needed but i did wire for in celing ones.

So how about the rest of speakers keep or replace?

What avr?
What atmos speakers?

I know the q accoustics are old but will I get much better without spending a fortune?

We have a lounge this is just a games room film night room im not an audiophile just want an impressive sound with my films.

In a perfect world id keep the fronts as they seem big enough, the centre has never impressed me and I think id rather replace the rears with something more discreet than the meaty q accoustics, maybe a smaller new set all round would work?

Any advice appreciated!!!


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Seating along back wall yes

Budget flexible really tbh rather keep as low as possible while ensuring a half decent sound, its a big room,,

Lets,say around using what I can of my gear plus 1k with a bit of flexibility but still least the better!!!

Avr wise the denon 2300 looks reasonable at around £350??


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Just saw the 7.1 to 5.2.1 comment which was point of questions since you do not have the space behind for rear surrounds, especially with atmos which require the surrounds to be lower than normal at ear level. Considering the AVR you are looking at I would keep your current speakers. To just replace them with something comparable is going to cost close to £1k so a lot of money for no gain. As for the centre where is it placed? Often when people say they are not impressed with a centre it is because it is poorly positioned in an AV unit etc.


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Cheers mate, id thought the same really, the speakers sound in my old house was really good so no real problems I guess except as the seating is fully across the back theres not a lot of room for the surround l and r on stands, they are pretty chunky, so maybe look at replacing them with some more subtle wall speakers, new in celling atmos speakers and a new avr, it doesnt have to be the denon im open to suggestions.

The centre was on the stand below tv in old setup just had to crank it up a lot more than audeysey set up to hear it well, we were a good 10ft away though.

Problem with new setup is for now im projecting onto a plain painted white wall and because of ceiling height im using most of the wall for the picture therefore centre would need to be really low, not sure if its going to be any good!!!

Thanks for,your input its appreciated

Think ill keep the floorstander fronts and centre
Keep my monolith

Look at different atmos suitable avrs

2 in ceiling atmos speakers

Look at some smaller wall mounted surround speakers

Ill upload a couple of pics later so you can see my issues!!!



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Maybe try it without a centre. If the fronts are close to the side of the screen, can create a good stereo image and you sit fairly central to screen then a centre may not be needed anyway.


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The center speaker placement makes dramatic changes. I had to put my center lower for moment and i have a own made "stand", putting some bits on the front edge to make it shoot upwards helps a little, but it`s still not as good as higher placement (ear height when sitting in a free space decoupled from cabinet). So i guess you are in the same boat. Put it as high as you can and make it shoot upwards.

And one thing you should check is that the speaker(s) size is Small (if not change them) after Audussey and play with the crossovers bit. Many times avr put the center at 40hz or something similar, this might make it sound muddier. Up it to 80/90/100hz to see does it change to better. Q Acoustics is making the center speakers quite small and this is compromising the system little bit. Compared to your mains (2x165mm - 91db sensitivity) it`s quite small and less efficient. Center speaker is usually one of the most important speaker in HT system, over 60% movies soundtrack coming from it. But i understand the brands view that not everyone want some big center speaker in living room.

1000Ci has 100mm / 4" mid-bass drivers, 89db sensitivity and Frequency response (Hz)75 - 20,000 (-6db?). So check the speaker crossovers and play it around 80-100hz, 90hz probably being sweet spot for that little speaker. I remember similar thread years ago and the avr put Q AC 2000Ci center to 40hz, no wonder why it sounded bad. You might want to check the rest of speakers aswell. Don`t trust blindly to avr/audussey!

If you can`t get it sound good, try the center off as PSM1 recommended. There is lot of people doing this. You just got to be more carefull with the toe in of main speakers and preferably sit in the sweet spot most of time.


I'd keep your current speakers, especially with a prospective Denon 2300, you would have to spend out to see any real improvement. Your sound enjoyment will increase greatly with Atmos. As for your centre then you could very well remove it if you feel it is under performing in it's current low position.

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