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Hi, hoping someone can help me with which projector to go for. Firstly I quite like the sound of the Philips Garbo Projectors (anyone got any experience) Secondly I dont know which of the two to go for, the Garbo or Garbo Matchline, The only difference I can tell between them is

Garbo - 800 ANSI Lumens - 400:1 contrast - £1531inc Vat

Garbo Matchline - 1000 ANSI Lumens - 500:1 contrast - £1766 inc Vat

The details above (apart from price) are from the Philips web site, a lot of sites rate them both at 1000 lumens. My main question is £200 is quite a bit to me so is it worth paying the extra for the Matchline version, will the quality of the picture be that much better?
Plus, the cheeky question, does anyone know an online dealer selling cheaper?

Also are they easy to set up to use with my DVD player

Any advice will be much apreciated



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Garbo is 1000 lumens, 400:1 CR, off-white
Garbo Matchline is 1100 lumens, 500:1 CR, Silver, has Picture-in-Picture, and comes supplied with a Pronto NEO learning remote control


So really the matchline is worth the extra £200, considering the remote alone, could you reccomend an online stockist

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