Help me make up my mind: Sony XH95 vs LG CX (48")


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Also what about Easter as a good time to buy these models (given that newer ones will be out around then).

And thanks for giving such good advice
They tend to be cheapest around June (stocks permitting), might see an Easter sale. The High end 48s didn’t get much lower than £900 around Black Friday I think so they’re not going to be especially cheap.
New models don’t hit the shops until the summer


You should be okay with the Sony then. If you want visitors picture quality as good you'll want the OLED though.

Newer TVs are typically not released until a bit later than Easter, sometimes good deals come before then, sometimes after. There's no one exact time, just a matter of monitoring prices and swooping when the deal is right. Unfortunately there's not much choice smaller than 55" nowadays, so deals are less common at smaller sizes where not as many total units are produced.


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Just had another chat with my better half and she agreed that the choice with the 55 inch screen size balances out the ascetics ( and the room is not that small). Would the Sony KD55A8BU be the oled to get? Seems to be on a good discount at the moment while having good reviews. would the Samsung Q80T or Q90T be other good options (and rege LG CX 55 of course)




Determine which technology is better for your viewing conditions:

If OLED is preferred, each offer different pros and cons but they have very similar picture quality to eachother. So its a matter of choosing between different features, smart TV, picture processing, sound and connectivity. There's no one best, just depends what you want from a TV.

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