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Help me make the most of what I've got!!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by The Tonester, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. The Tonester

    The Tonester
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    Feb 15, 2005
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    Bit of an AV novice but I'm after buying some half decent cables (in the
    £20-£30ish range) and want some quick advice please to help me get the most out of my set up..

    I have a 32" Sony LCD tv with component inputs and 2 RGB scarts and 1 normal scart.

    What is the best way to connect the following to recieve the best signal. I
    was probably looking to buy a scart to ps2 connector and need to decide
    on maybe a decent set of componets for the DVD/Freeview or another RGB

    My set up is....

    RGB Scart1 - I currnetly have Cable TV plugged into it - via a half decent
    £20 scart.

    RGB Scart 2 - Curretly PS2 via cheap pre-supplied cable which is pap.

    Scart 3 - Nothing.

    Component - Billy Basic component lead from Sony DVD recorder/intergrated
    freeview box (which outputs 2 RGB scarts and component).

    My main question is - is there a more appropriate way to set this up. ie
    should I not be going for RGB scart from the DVDR/Freeview to the LCD or is
    the component better because some people seem to point towards Freeview
    not liking components - It seems fine at the mo, but the PQ could be slightly better is suppose.
  2. andyAV


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    £20-30 for a scart lead (assuming you didn't buy in the high street) is more than enough for good quality scarts. I use IXOS - fully wired and RGB only flavours fine.

    As for component or scart - you are the only one who can sensibly choose - as it often depends more on the source (DVD/Freeview) and display (LCD) as to what they both do best. Not all displays have decent electronics for both inputs nor do all sources have decent electronics for both outputs. Try both and see what you think. The only thing component does that scart doesn't is progressive scan - if your source doesn't do that then just settle on what gives the best piccy with what cable you have or can borrow.

    One thing to bear in mind - games consoles really benefit from component in many cases probably due to the colours often generated. My cube for example is much smoother (no stipple pattern visible) with shading using component over scart and a friend with a PS2 has found the same. You may want to investigate PS2 component lead (can be had for about £10) if you use the PS2 alot and the DVD/Freeview is as good thru scart as component.


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