Help me make a connection for Christmas


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I am hoping somebody can help me please.

I have a Samsung UE40C6505 LED TV.

The inputs at the back of the TV are as follows

Yellow - which says L/R Audio
Green which says Pr Pb Y

The lead I have from the WII has the normal Red, White & Yellow male plugs.

The TV has lots of HDMI Slots but I understand that there is no converters for these.

It also has a computer input which I assume is a VGA input and may be I can get a lead for this?

You help would be very much appreciated :clap:as there is 1.5 days to go and then disappointed children arhhhhhhhh :rolleyes:

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Just plug the lead you got with the wii into the yellow adapter with the tv and select AV on the source menu.


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well the good news is that after searching the house top to bottom I found the adapter leads and Game at Milton Keynes had a Composite lead.
Plugged it in and Bobs your Uncle.........well almost after I read the instructions on the lead and found the button to change it from PS2 to Wii everything worked fine. :clap::thumbsup::)

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