HELP ME , im getting crazy!



First of all hello.Im really getting crazy becouse im having a very annoying problem with xbox live (xbox 360).Let me tell you what the problem is.

Im connecting my Adsl modem to a Switch with an ethernet cable , from there with a cross-over cable i conect the switch to my pc in the first ethernet card.
In the second ethernet card , i use the other ethernet cable (straight) and i connect it to xbox 360.All good till here , becouse i also used Internet sharing and its ok.Also the conection of the cables is also ok.The problem is that when im running the test of 360 for XBL , it gets passes IP but it fails in DNS!!I tried so many things but nothing happens!Let me tell you my PC settings and 360 setings.

PC settings (on Xbox 360-PC network)
IP :
SubMask :
GateAway :

DNS (2) :

ALL OF THE SETTINGS are manual.I did after i did some manual settings on 360 and i had as result IP Pass.

360 settings
IP : -> Manual
SubMask : -> Manual
GateAway : -> Manual

Dns : -> Auto

So my question is what the #!#[email protected]#!$%^ i must do so as to get connected ?
Thanks for the interest.


I tried this solution , im getting IP but again i cant get DNS!I used on xbox 360 my ISP dns but still no luck!I cant understand what the @#[email protected]! is happening.?Im getting really crazy , its been 2 days and no luck... my god!

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