Help Me Hide My Speakers!!!!!


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Help! I am in what many of you will see is a loose - loose situation and I desperately need some help!

I have a set of Kef 3005 satellite speakers and absolutely love them, I have had them for about 3 years and in my last house they were mounted “upside down” hanging from the ceiling. “Very clever” I thought as it let me place them for optimum listening even though my TV was in the corner.


We have now moved house, my lounge is bigger but the TV is still in a corner (sandwiched between the back wall and the chimney) and the wife has decided she hates the look of the Kefs and they are not allowed to go up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make matters worse the corner the TV is in means it has to be swung out on its bracket for viewing (the gap between chimney and wall is not as big as the TV) so I cant even put the speakers on the wall as they would end up behind it!

How can I disguise the Kefs so I can keep them OR how can I get an invisible setup which will sound aqs good without breaking the bank!

Please help, any blue peter style home made speaker disguises welcome.

Failing that are there any sound bars for a 42” TV which will even come close in comparison?


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Can you post a pic of the problem area to give us some idea of the issue.
There are expensive soulutions out there such as drop down speakers and in walls/ceiling speakers some of these may sound as good as the kefs but all have there problems as well .
Post a pic someone on here someone will have the answer they normally do the wealth of knowledge is staggering


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Picture your room so we can get to work on ideas.


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You could just grow a pair and tell her they are going up:smashin:

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