Help me get more from my MAC :-(


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Hey All,

Ok after dithering for a long time, i took the plunge & got the macbook pro unibody :smashin:

Problem is i dont think i am getting the benefit from it :thumbsdow

For example, i have a lot of movies, tv shows on windows formatted portable hard drives & when i want to watch something i plug the drives into my PS3 i play (i normally use an old windows laptop to sort the films etc & my macbook is only getting used one a fortnight :(

My question is can i sort something where my macbook is the host for all my media (perhaps stored on a time capsule???) and my PS3 can see it and play the files with the mac either shutdown or in clamshell mode?

There must be a simplier way to enjoy all my media without DL'ing stuff on windows laptop then copying to portable hd, unplugging from laptop then plugging into ps3 :(

My other concern is that you may suggest just storing all my media on the macbook but my collection is about 500gb or there abouts & i dont want to max out my macbook pro's internal HD :thumbsdow

Is one option to buy a large hard drive & keep in constantly plugged into the PS3 & somehow get the macbook to look at the hard drive???



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Get a NAS and run it on your network. The PS3 can stream from it and your PC and Mac can store media on it.

Thanks Mate,

Any chance someone can give me more info on NAS? i dotn really know what equipment i would need & how it works :blush:


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