Help me find this song


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I've been looking for this song for years. I don't know the name, band, not even what it sounds like. But I remember the music video.

The video takes place in a small town in a desert. The main character goes to a funeral, but it's just him and a priest and the grave plot is empty.
Towards the end, it shows the same character but in a car driving his pregnant wife to the hospital, then the main character walks across the street casually and sees the car. The guy in the car sees the main character and swerves, but the car fades away as it runs into the main character. The video ends with the camera hovering above the empty grave plot and the main character and the priest standing on opposite ends of it.

I've spent years looking for this song but I can't find it. It was around early 2000s when MTV was still a thing. If anyone knows what the song is please tell me!! I need to know! This has been driving me crazy for years! Thanks in advance.


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Possibly Mansun - Wide Open Space

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