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So, there is a movie I have strong memories of that I watched as a kid. I've talked about the parts of the plot I remember with my friends, a surprising amount of friends told me that they too remember watching something like that back in the day but can't remember the name of the movie to save their own life.

Keep in mind that I watched this movie at least 7-10 years ago. The stuff I can remember are: The main protagonists are young adults - in their twenties. The main plot of the movie is that there is a guy whose best friend suddenly goes missing after some shady things happened the days before. The guy is absolutely determined to find his friend and he begins his pursuit. He wants to let others know his friend has gone missing and goes through his photo albums in order to find the best photo for his friend's missing report. (That's when the scene that's etched in my mind comes). He starts browsing the pictures but finds that his friend's complete face is conveniently obscured by random objects (party cups, phones, furniture) and other people in each and every photo he comes across. He proceeds to furiously scroll through the photos with dread in his face. (This is when my memory starts to fade.) I think he then proceeds to ask around for his friend but it seems like he simply deleted himself from existence as no-one can remember him as he his. (That's pretty much it that I can remember)

I kept googling this plot and puzzling for years. Now it's just like an itch I can't help but scratch. I hope someone will be able to figure out which movie I am talking about so I can watch it and put this ongoing pursuit to rest.



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