help me find a 8 channel sata raid 5 card.



Can anyone please tell me where i might find a 8+ channel raid 5 sata card that allows for Online capacity expansion.

I want to start with three HDs and buy more as i need them, but i cant find one in the uk for sata drives.

ANy suggestions would be great.


I am considering this myself at the moment, and although I have not actually purchased yet, it would seem that the raidcore rc4000 series controllers offer very good performance.

Have a google around for reviews, there are plenty available from the likes of tomshardware and xbitlabs, etc. You will see the raidcore competes quite happily against ultra320 scsi based raid controllers.

It is possible to get the raidcore controllers in the UK, either from local resellers (you can find details on the raidcore web site). They are in the region of £200. There are some on as well.



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3ware make an 8 channel SATA RAID controller for RAID 5.

You can't add additionl drives without rebuilding array I think.

I have used the 8500 8 channel model at work with Seagate 160Gbyte SATA's and it worked very well.



thanks JH, but i cant really afford to buy 8 250 hds or need them all just yet, so the riadcore online expandability is very attractive.

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