Help me diagnose TV Techwood 40AO2USB fault


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Hi, I am new to the forum and apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section!

I have a Techwood 40inch 40AO2USB TV that is as good as a black box! When plug it into mains it flashes a little blue light at the bottom of the body/chassis (some 12-13 times) then just stays blue and that's it! Nothing is shown on the TV and nothing pressed on the remote has any effect. Pressing a channel number on the remote (as well as Program + or Program - again flashes the little blue light some 12-13 times and then the light goes OFF altogether.

I have opened the TV up and checked that all plugs & sockets are correctly and fully inserted. There does not appear to be any fuses (you can tell my knowledge dates back to the 1970s!. At the back of the TV there are basically two boards (the Power Board on the left and another with all the interfaces on the right.

On the PSU Board there is a two-wire connector (Black, White) at the top of the board which I assume goes to the Backlight. Can someone please advise me what Voltage I should get between these two wires? (I have a Fluke meter and I am competent in using it). I also assume that I can unplug this little connector with the TV ON to check the Voltage?

Any other advice of what to check on the PSU to eliminate this (before I look elsewhere?).

I know the TV on the whole is OK (screen etc.) as first time I took it apart (as explained above to investigate why nothing works) and having pressed all the connectors in the TV did then show a blue background with some message that as the TV had not been used for some time (or words to that effect) it was in Standby! But, I can't get it to repeat this.

Any other advice is welcomed!
Thank you

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