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Apr 4, 2005
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I am upgrading my old sony pro logic amp and am looking at the sony STR DE598 or the denon 1705 amps.

I am leaning towards the sony as my sony dvd recorder remote will work some of the basic amp functions.

I currently have a speaker set up laid out in 5:1 pattern using mission 703 floor standing fronts, eltax centre and gale 3060B rears + eltax sub.

I was thinking of retaining the 5:1 set up as there isnt enough space to add further rears.

The system will be used for sky, DVD and PS2 and will also need to feed my projector.

I can currently buy the sony for £139 quid which seems a bargain;-

Any reason why I shouldnt go for the sony?

You can get the 795 from hifi confidential for just under 200, and it should be quite a step up as its from the QS range and not the budget one. One thing i've learned about sony over the years is that they seem to make some pretty good mid range kit thats actualy competativly priced while the high end stuff is totaly overpriced but usualy does something inovative. While the lower end stuff isn't upto much cop especialy in the build department, that is entirely my observation but i think for the price you could do alot worse than this ... Black
Gaz, thats a really good price but unfortunealy is only available in london - I'm up in cheshire.
Ah sorry didn't see the instore only, as they have always delivered before :eek:
What is your max budget?
Looking at around 150 mark pref. I know its not alot but the bulb has just gone in my projector and thats going to cost!
You may be better of saving for a month for a lower end mid range amp rather than going or one of the cheap ones. As the upgrade will be more of a sideways one, it will give you new codecs and probably some new features but the amp section will probably be of the same quality as your sony.
Great news - went shopping saturday and found the Sony 795 for 180 quid!! Picking it up next week.

Will let you know what i think.

Thanks for the help

Great news, I hope it all goes well, give us feedback and if there is any issues then i'm sure someone on here will be able to help you.

You didn't happen to go shopping down in london did you :p
That is great news, because in my experience the low end sony's (69x and lower) are truly awful.

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