Help me decide...Philips 4xPFL7666 or Samsung UE4xD7000 ?

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by RocketRonnieRad, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Hi forum,

    Appologies if this thread is in the wrong place firstly.

    I have been stretching my brain for far too long now and could do with some well informed advice.

    I had bought a 40PFL6606T / 12 from JL last month and due to the ethernet port being dead I can now select another TV.

    From all I have read I have settled on either the 42/47PFL7666, the 42PDL7906 or the Samsung UE40/46D7000 butr cant decide beteen them.

    I have read review and read experiences on here and discern that the 7000 suffers from banding bleeding and all manner of distortions whereby I have not read anything on the Philips side of things.

    The set wll mainly be used for 2D with occasional 3D films etc, it will be mounted in a room 4m x 5m wall mounted on the 4m viewing axis.

    I would like 3D and DLNA.

    Talking to the JL rep about making the choice he suggested the Philips purely for the DOF in the pic quality and the build quality being good although he did say that the D7000 is more popular.

    Image quality is paramount but the look of the samsung is sexy I have to admit.

    Can someone perhaps point me in the right direction as my head is severley hurting now.

    I am tempted to go pfilips purely based on the banding bleeding and clouding issues people have posted on their D7000/8000 threads but maybe I am being biased by this.

    Many thanks in advance of helpful replies. Last thing I want if a brand bashing excersize. Just honest advice please.



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