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Oct 5, 2003
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Hi All :hiya:

This might not be the correct section to post this - so moderators feel free to relocate.

I wanted to enlist your help as knowlegeable people in the DVD section

I am building a HC system around a Pioneer 504 plasma. Naturally I would like to use the HDMI connection for DVD so I have two options:

1- Pioneer 868i DVD to go with Pioneer AX5 Amp.

This is the expensive combination at £1750 but will benefit from HDMI & i-Link connection as the 868i has both.

2- Pioneer 668i DVD to go with Denon 3803 or Yam 1400

This is the cheaper option at around £1150

My question to you good people is:

Is the sound improvement using the i-link in the first option worth the £600 difference in price. Or are there more features in the 868i over the 668i than meet the eyes

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



the 868i is a higher spec than the 668 as it features the t-rex scaler and a few other improved bits and bobs.

the ax5i sounds quite nice as well.

i think your best off with the Ax5 and 868i. a nice combo for your 504 plasma.

ilink comes into its own with multi channel audio and is a slight improvement over DD/DTS coax,optical bitream due to less jitter
Thankyou Grandley

I know the 504 has its own scaler - I am no expert, so would you know if the t-rex scaler in the 868i will complement that of the 504 or is it not necessary to have with the 504.


the scaler in the 868i is off a little better quality than the 504s.

sides if you send it 1280x720 it almost fits the native res of the panel. so the panel will only scale the vertical res of 720p to 768p

my friend has the 434/ 868i and pic is bests when the dvd player is set to 1280x720p via HDMI.(and his has to scaled the down horizontaly)the diff is marginal over 480p but does seem better.
in your case with the 504 less scaling is done so a further improvment

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