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Hi so finally got rid of my Sanyo plvz1 and looking for a new one I was looking at getting a tw9300 with a budget of originally around £1500 but there don’t appear to be any that I’m interested in,so then started to look at the tw9400 and the benq 2700 but don’t know if the difference is worth it. So looking for some help if I give the following details.
will be in the living room that has a oled for normal viewing atm, main wall screen will be on is a dark blue with white ceiling and light grey on the other walls, oak floor with dark blue rug under screen, i have blackout blinds and heavy curtains when needed, i Sit straight across from the screen against the opposite wall with my eyes 400 off the wall, wall to wall is 3195mm and the screen is 125mm off the wall. Mainly watch 4K Apple TV with the usual streaming apps on it and 4K movies on it, also have a 4K blu player. Projector will be ceiling mounted above my head And I wear glasses for tv viewing. Hope this is enough and I can get some help choosing a projector

oops screen is 80” atm but will be hopefully going 100” or more later on
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