Help me decide between these 3 LCDs (32")!


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I'm about to buy a new LCD for my little gamer room, that my wife allowed me to have/create in our new house :D

But I'm currently unsure which LCD to get - I have narrowed it down to the following LCDs:

  • Toshiba 32WLT68
  • Samsung LE-32N71(3)
  • Sony 32V2500

Which one would be the best for gaming and HD material in general!? I will not use for regular tv (SD) that often, and the same goes for connecting it with my computer, though it would be nice if it was good at that too - but certainly not a requirment. The most important aspect is HD and gaming!

I leaning towards the Toshiba, has some great specs, and has gotten some good reviews. The Samsung is really good looking, and has some good features as well, but I have read a lot about some red blur/smearing on fast movements ect.!? The 32V2000 from Sony was a really great display, so I just thought that the V2500 would be just as good, if not better!? But there seems to be some people that suffer from baklightbleed!?

What 32" LCD would you choose!? Please help me out a little ;)


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out of the three you have chosen i would go for the
sony 32v2500 because imo PQ is better than the toshiba
and sansung.

if your budget can stretch to it have you considered either
the philips 32pf9731d or panasonic tx32lxd600 as these
two are the best 32" lcd's available.


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None of the sets you have chosen, or any I have seen are perfect.

The Samsung has a weak Freeview performance and I don't think it video precessing is as good as the other two.

I have seen the Sony and the Toshiba fed from a Sony broadcast camera focussing on a pile of balls of wool, both were vivid but the Toshiba was spot on for colour whereas some of the colours on the Sony were innacurate even after tweeking.

The Sony has the best blacks but the backlight is questionable.

Personally I wouldn't go for the Samsung but would be happy with either of the other two provided they didn't have dead pixels, backlight bleed or noisy backlight dimmer.

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