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I am shopping for a TV that will be placed in a gaming room with medium to low ambient light (glare is not that important ) . The TV will be used in 2 ways:

First as a Gaming TV for PC and next gen as well as old (and very old) console gaming. It will be also used for Netflix, Amazon, and general web based movie watching and PLEX streaming. The viewing distance is about 2.8 meters (9.2ft) and no angle.

Second usage will be as a third monitor that will display secondary information or content (chat window, twitch tv, Regular TV Broadcasts) as I use the main monitor for gaming or work. Less than one meter of distance and increased angle (the tv can be turned to reduce angle) . This type of usage is far less important than the first.

I have been researching the web for my options and since Black Friday is upon us it's time for a decision. I have read the guides by @Dodgexander but I have some questions.

It is my understanding that for my viewing distance I should look for a 65 inch TV (or more). The thing is that my budget is not infinite. Taking into account current offers (in my country Black Friday offers are on ) I must choose between
  1. 55inch LG CX or BX or Samsung q90 (The 65 inch are too expensive even with the offers)
  2. 65inch q80 (or even q70 that is on great sale right now) or Sony KD-65XH9096

For sure an OLED is the best choice but due to the monitor usage as well as lots of games having static UI’s burn-in is a problem that I am considering.

My questions are

  1. What is more important in my situation: size or quality?
  2. If size is of most importance will the q80 or the sony 9096 give me a good enough experience ? What about the q70 ?
  3. If size is not that important ( taking into consideration that I will be getting the high tier TV) should I be worried about burn in for my kind of usage ?
  4. If size is of most importance but the q80 or the sony produce a lot of compromises is it better to just save for the High tier 65 inchTV’s (also waiting for the 2021) models ?
  5. If (4) is the best solution I could get a very cheap 55 inch to make due for now like the TCL 55P715 that is priced at 400 euros right now. The TCL could be used elsewhere in the house when a real upgrade can be made.

Your input will be much appreciated.


1. This is your own decision to make. Think about HDR and how important it is that HDR titles look good when you use them. The cheaper 65" models are more than good enough for SDR titles, but fall short with HDR compared to the higher end models you are considering.
2. Depends what you use, most people are happy with them but if you game the latest titles, or watch the latest movies in HDR you will find some titles will be dimmer and washed out compared to others.
3. Your use of twitch is what would worry me with an OLED. Twitch streamers usually have lots of static elements that stay the same. If you are going to keep the TV on as a second monitor in the background perhaps consider using an LCD TV instead.
4. Perhaps you can consider the Sony XH9505. At least in the UK price is lower than the Q90T, despite offering similar HDR performance. The downside is no HDMI 2.1 ports, but its a sacrifice worth making imo.
5. Only time I'd recommend doing this is if you want to avoid the current HDMI VRR problems with current HDMI 2.1 TVs and upgrade again sooner in a couple of years.


Thank you for your reply,

As I understand it, if I want to truly experience and take benefit of all the bells and whistles of the modern TV size matters a great deal and as such I must forget the 55 inch models.

Since I also believe I might get “burned in” by an OLED, that leaves me with the following choice

Q90t, Q80t or the Sony XH9505 or waiting for a bit ….

The q90 is around 1735 euros and way over my budget ….

The q80 is around 1290 euros more manageable

XH9505 is around 1400 euros

XH9505 lacks (except the HDMI 2.1 support) native 1440p resolution (and ofc no VRR on 1440) . It also lacks Freesync and G-Synk support that the q80 has. If I can believe Sony is worse for HDR Gaming than Samsung but a bit better for HDR movies (I could not understand why. Maybe game mode is more restrictive on Sony ?)
On the other hand, Sony gets praised for its uniformity and general picture quality. Gaming experience is reported good (but mostly from console users which is different than PC gaming).

It's a big investment for me and I can’t really decide if I should pull the trigger on the q80 or just save up for the q90 and be done with … Sometimes I think there is too much information but the lack of true knowledge to really comprehend the differences on such technical subjects makes the decision difficult.


120hz Samsung models like the Q80T or Q90T confirm to the HDMI forum VRR spec and Freesync (supported by AMD graphics cards and Xbox). Not Gsync (supported by Nvidia graphics cards). If you have an Nvidia graphics card using HDMI 2.1 ports then you will be able to use HDMI forum VRR. They may guise this is Gsync, but its not the fully fledged support they have in TVs with dedicated Gsync firmware on board such as LGs OLEDs. is Canadian and reviews TVs sold in The Americas by Samsung. The Q80T sold there is not the same Q80T that is sold in Europe. In Europe the model is cut down, no wide viewing angle/anti glare filter and poorer local dimming/peak brightness. In Europe the Q85T or depending on local availability Q90T is more similar to the Q80T there.

The pricing you have for each TV is not really different to the UK, so what I said previously about the Sony XH9505 stands, it on current pricing is a lot better value than the Q90T and performs in its own way just as good. If you want the HDMI 2.1 port of the Q90T, you are best waiting for its price to come down. It is presently overpriced.
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