Help me decide between Panasonic 55HZ980B or LG OLED55BX6LB


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I've been tempted to upgrade our aging Panasonic Tx50cx680b with a 55 inch TV with good HDR.

You can get either the Panasonic 55HZ980B via Costco or LG BX via Marks Electricals for sub £900 at the moment which meets my thrifty requirements.

TV will be used mainly for TV in the day (Sky Q, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+) we've got a newborn so the wife is stuck on the sofa a lot! Then we'll be using it for movies on the weekends and when I get the opportunity gaming (XBox Series X).

Initially I was waiting for the BX to drop in price as its got the HMDI 2.1 features such as 4k 120Hz and VRR. However I'm not sure if VRR works properly? and tbh I can live without 4k 120Hz as games need to drop in resolution to do it so its not likely to be fully utilised with the xbox anyway.

From what I've read the Panasonic is better for picture and motion. So I guess general viewing is my priority as thats what its going to be used for and gaming will still look excellent it just won't have VRR or 120Hz.

I think I've talked myself into the panasonic but would welcome any views to steer me either way.

Another option is to try and get a good deal on an LCD. I was tempted by the Sony refurbs but the XH90 seems to be a meet in the middle compromise and the XH92 is a bit too much at the moment.


Both the LG BX and Panasonic HZ980 are step up models compared to the mid range Sony's you're considering.

The alternative LCD TVs would instead be the Sony XH95 or Samsung Q90T/Q95T.

If your priority is gaming>movies go with the LG, if its movies>gaming go with the Panasonic.

VRR does work properly on the LG and they also come with Freesync which works well with the Xbox. There is some unsolvable flicker, but it doesn't seem to bother a lot of people.


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Thanks! Appreciate the advice and the guides you've done. I've gone with the LG in the end. The Panasonic would of been great but I would of always had regret over not having the HDMI2.1 features.

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