Help Me Connection & Picture Settings with Samsung 32" LE32R87BD & Samsung DVD-R155



Please, Please help me with connection & picture settings with samsung 32" LE32R87BD HD & Samsung DVD-R155 HDMI Upscaler

This is my setup as per the samsung website and my instructions
LE32R87BD (TV) R155 (DVD Recorder) Sky Box (Normal)

RF Antenna Ariel From wall to dvd recorder
RF Antenna cable from RF Out DVD Recorder to ANT In On Tv
Scart from EXT1 on sky box To EXT1 (RGB) on TV
Scart from EXT2 On sky box to AV2 DVD Recorder
HDMI Lead From TV To DVD Recorder

Now my problem, the picture on the sky through the tv is fine but when i set up the dvd recorder to do an auto setup it found all the channels but when watching the sky through the dvd recorder (ready to record) the picture was no where near as clear, even though the settings were the same, any ideas ??

Also is the progressive scan on this tv automatic, i cannot find anything in the settings and when i played a dvd (Lord of the rings) there was no difference in picture at all, and i had alreasy pressed the progressive scan button on the dvd recorder to 720p and 1080i, am i doing something wrong, i dont expect full HD quality but i have read reviews and many people have said they can see the difference, please please help me


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Being as no-one has answered you on this one see if you can gleen any info from the Sony Connection diagram website :

I can't help because you have too many variables for me. I don't have sky, or use hdmi connection or progressive scan.

I believe that the sky stb only outputs rgb from the TV scart whilst VCR scart output is composite. This may account for your poor picture thru the dvd recorder if the input is set at RGB.
Hope the diagrams are of some help.


I have the same dvd it is connected as follows

Sky Ext1 into AV2 of DVD
DVD AV1 into EXT1(RGB) of samsung TV
nothing connected to Ext2 of sky box

Sky boxes only output a RGB signal on Ext1 which is why if you watch sky on the tv your seeing the RGB signal but when you are recording, you are using the lower quality signal (not-RGB) output on Ext2

The DVD-R155 will pass a RGB signal from its AV2 to its AV1 connector even when in standby.

so when connected like this i am able to record the RGB signal from the Sky box when on and watch using HDMI and when i switch the dvd off, the TV switches to Ext1 using the RGB scart signal passed through from the sky box.

i've probably made this sound as clear as mud but if you look at page 15 of the user manual (additional connections) it shows a diagram with instructions below it


thanks for the help, just one other thing id like to check witrh you as you have the same dvd upscaler, how have u found normal dvds on it, has the picture improved at all ???

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