Help me connect up my equipment (please!)

Discussion in 'Soundbars, Soundplates & Soundbases' started by Supermurph09, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Hi there, I'd really like some help:

    Equipment list

    Samsung HWk450 soundbar
    Sky TV HD
    Amazon Firestick
    DVD Player

    TV: LG50pk350 (no arc but 2 x HDMI)

    Currently have Optical cable from soundbar into Sky box, then HDMI from Sky box into the TV, that bit work great. Nothing else is connected because I'm not sure how.

    I just connected my firestick up today, plugged into the HDMI of the TV but obviously no sound came out the soundbar, I don't want to use the tv speakers so how do I get this to output through the soundbar? I'd also like the DVD permanently connected and coming through the soundbar too but this is the least important option. However, when connected I would like that through the soundbar too.

    How do I need to connect this all up. Is my tv's lack of ARC function hurting me here?

    Could I connect the Firestick via bluetooth (my soundbar has bluetooth)

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