Help me complete my system :-)..


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get some advice/thoughts on what is the best way to complete my 5.1 set-up..

I currently have an Onkyo TX-Sr507 receiver and a pair of diamond 9.1's.

I am basically looking to do it on a budget so I am leaning towards getting another set of 9.1's with the wharfedale sw150 subwoofer which is available for £230. And then see if I can get a centre speaker from the diamond 9 series or failing that from the 10 series.

What do you guys think of my proposed set up does anybody have anything similar? and does anybody have any suggestions?




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Your proposed idea sound good to me. Going for the 9 series all around as much as possible sounds sensible. The 9.1/sub package would appear to be good for the money so well worth getting since a decent sub on its own will be £200+ anyway.


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Say you go with the Diamond 9.1 all round,which I think is a good idea.The Center is going to be the problem. A Diamond 9cc is a rare beast nowadays,available rarely second hand and that might have a colour issue.

A 10cc is going to cost around the same as Another pair of 9.1s.So, why not buy another pair,use one as the Center,making the front soundstage perfectly
matching,then either keep the odd one as a spare or run 6.1 which your amp is perfectly capable of ?

just an idea.



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Thanks for the input guys,

Kubby - If I can get a for a better price than another set of 9.1's and I am not too concerned about 6.1 for the time being would you still recommend getting the extra set of 9.1's?

Do you anticipate the difference between three 9.1's at the front and two 9.1's and a will be noticeable to a AV newbie?


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The ideal setup would have the same speaker in each position.

However,some compromise has to come into play to account for available space,room layout,general acceptability etc. The Center speaker in its horizontal configuration is such a compromise.

To achieve the same size drivers across the front sound stage,using a Center, the 10CS would be preferable having 5" bass drivers like the 9.1s.(there is more to this than size though,as the 10 series had some internal upgrades albeit minor ones)

So,would you notice the difference? I don't know and I cant guess.That's up to you to say.Would I recommend the extra pair of 9.1s regardless? No. it was a suggestion,an alternative that would get closer to the ideal speaker configuration at a reasonable price,but only a suggestion.



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after looking into it myself a bit I think I will in fact go for 9.1's all round!

Thanks for all the input I guess discussing basic entry level stuff can be a bit boring for some of you guys on here.

Kubby - you mentioned running 6.1 on my amp - as far as I was aware my amp is just a standard 5.1 or is there somethig I dont quite know? and is it ok to put the centre bookshelf on its side?

appreciate your help!
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Right,Confession of Schoolboy error on my part!

I misread your AVR as a 607,which can run 6.1 rather than a 507,which doesn't.My Apologies.

Regarding laying a 9.1 on its side as a center. Well,the 9.1 was made as a vertical speaker, its layout is for use vertically.Laying on its side will change things like focal points and sound dispersion. From a Sound point of view,its a bad idea.

From a practical point of view, it can work. The drivers and internal hardware will not be harmed, nor affected if you place it on its side. The speaker build is durable enough for them to be on its side, and shouldnt harm its 'performance' People do it, due to space limitations and/or placement.

So,if it works for you,why not.


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