HELP me choose ...Please! Sony Soundbars HT-NT5, HT-CT800 and HT-MT500


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Firstly, please let me tell you whats getting evicted...I have a Yamaha 3300 digital sound projector and sub woofer. It’s never really hit the spot regarding creating a 5.1 or 7.1 effect within my living room. In fact it’s been pretty poor. I want to install wireless rear speakers to enable a more fulfilling surround sound experience and unfortunately there isn’t a way to implement that with my 3300.

I have done some limited research regarding what i can do and the options i have regarding my budget, and i have settled on three SONY options to integrate with my KDL55W809C TV.

I’m stuck between the very similarly priced HT-NT5, HT-CT800 and HT-MT500 Does anyone have any opinions as to which one will facilitate what I’m after best?
Once i have settled upon the soundbars in question, i then run into my next conundrum.. which speakers to use as rears. i had originally planned on 2x SRS-ZR5 but i recently saw a YouTube clip where a gentleman had used 2 x SRS-HG1. These have the added advantage of being portable and playing off of battery. but will i lose a lot in quality over the ZR5's?

Any advice on the above warmly received, i'm bound to have overlooked something and that's why i've come to you good people. Even some confidence boosting affirmation towards what i'm looking to do wont go unappreciated :)

Many thanks in advance


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I have just moved to a new property so have purchased a new setup but I had a HT-NT5 and a pair of ZR5 on rear surround duties. I was very impressed by the sound quality it achieved and the Immersion it provided and I have had a lot of kit over the years. The NT5 does a good job of creating wide sound field at the front with good clear dialogue and enough channel separation for effects. The ZR5 really do pack a punch and work great for surround duties.

I haven’t gotten round to list my kit yet but I will be selling my NT5 and 2 x ZR5’s if your interested. All come fully boxed and are in like new condition. I also I have a set of rear wall mounts that I can chuck in.

Let me know if you’re interested or if you just have some more questions.



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