Help me choose my OLED .. 77C1 LG or 77A80J SONY ?


Hello everyone,

I'm coming to you for your precious advice.

I currently have an LG OLED 77CX, which is dead.

My dealer is taking it back, and offering me two choices: (same price)

77C1 LG

I was happy with my LG, I have a PS5 and an Apple TV 4K 2021.

However, I was very disappointed with the motion compensation and especially the trumotion.
When I set it to minimum there were artefacts (e.g. helicopter propellers duplicating).
I hate that. I like it smooth, but not too smooth, without the SOAP effect, but without artifacts.
In my second house, I have a 55AG8, and I'm very happy with it.

I would like to know which one to get? And also if the Sony 77A80J is good in games?

Thank you from a Frenchman :)


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If you had issue with motion then Sony is right for you. This review is recent. Comment about the Matt screen doesn’t apply to the 77
for me, this Sony is a no brainer at this size. Nothing wrong with LG too. Can’t go wrong with both to be honest


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From my research, the C1 is the better option vs the A80J. Especially if gaming is a priority.

My advice would be to go to HDTVTest and watch Vincent’s review of both of them. That will give you a better understanding of what each set offers vs taking our word for it.

Good luck,


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