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Help me choose my new player...


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Looking to upgrade my old Oppo BDP80 which is a bit long in the tooth now. I'm looking for something that has very good video and audio for blurays and also will double as a SACD/CD player. Network features aren't that big a deal. Multiregion is a big deal as about half of my collections is Region A.

I had narrowed it down to an Oppo 95 but then read more about the 103 and now I'm leaning towards the 103 more but I have some dilemmas. How does the 103 cope as a CD player? I doubt I'd ever use the analogue outputs so am thinking that the 95s additional analogue features might be wasted on me. Everything would be HDMI and going into an old ONKO 805 amp in true sound mode.

Are there any advantages to using the analogue outputs as opposed to HDMI? My understanding of old is that converting a digital signal to analogue and back again is to be avoided.

Should I be looking at the 105? It's out of my budget and looks like overkill for my purposes.

Budget is about £700 max, for that I can get a new MR Oppo 103D. Or I could wait around for a second hand 105 to appear or just get a secondhand 95. (I'm not opposed to second hand at all or in any real rush).

Any advice appreciated.
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I suspect the 103 would be more than suitable for your needs, it also has analogue outs which you could try. Ultimately what you are asking is whether the DAC is better in your receiver or the bluray player, and the only way for you to know is to try it and hear what sounds best to you it's your system after all.


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Thanks for the reply. I've sort of gone off the 103 now due to the odd duel HDMI thing. Not being able to output DSD over HDMI seems odd when I can do that on my BDP80 (I know you can output DSD on HDMI2 but I've only got one HDMI socket spare). So I'm back looking at the 95!

I'm only leaning towards Oppo because the MR kit is readily available. If anyone has suggestions for other decent players in the £400 ballpark that are easily made MR , I'm all ears.
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Demo'ing might be the best bet...

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