Question Help me choose best TV set/deal for parents

Best deal

  • Samsung 43KU6000

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  • Sony 43X800e

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  • Sony 49X800e

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  • LG 49UJ750

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Hi guys, please help me decide which television set is best for my parents. It is much appreciated.

It is for their bedroom. They will probably be bout 2.2-3m away from the tv. It's not a HUGE room, so i'm looking at 43-50inch set. They tend to watch mix of standard and HD channels. For Netflix, my dad enjoys watching action films (in case judder is an issue with tv choices). Would like 4k, HDR etc, but i do note the distance away from the tv, and they're aging plus probably with deteriorating eyesights. So i wonder if it's truly needed. But better to have them than not i guess haha. So on to the options...

(Prices have been converted to pounds; im not from uk)

Samsung 43KU6000 - £478

Samsung 49KS7500 - £1012

Sony 43X800e - £787

Sony 49X800e - £1012

LG 49UJ750 - £815 (inclusive of mounting bracket and installation)

I could probably get a 49KS7000 for bout the same price as the ks7500, but not confirmed there is still stock. The Sony are at a "promotion price". The 43ku6000 will be the budget-friendly option. The LG was recommended to me by the salesman as a budget friendly 49 inch tv, especially since the deal includes a mounting bracket and installation fees.

They all hit the budget, with me having to top up a lil from my own pocket for the 49ks7500/7000 and 49x800e. But i wont mind if it's getting them a tv that they'll enjoy more.

So there you have it. I'm leaning towards the 49ks7500, but am open to your advice and suggestions. Please help!! Thanks.


I wouldn't go for an UHD TV if SD quality was still a concern, SD looks worse upscaled to UHD. I also wouldn't spend money on a TV that is HDR capable like the Samsung KS series if I wasn't intending to utilise HDR.

At that distance too, UHD is kind of pointless, even with good eyesight.

Save a lot of money and just get something like a Samsung K5500 instead. If you need viewing angles go for a FHD TV with an IPS panel instead.

If you can, you could also search for the LG 910v OLED. Its a 55" model but is the best FHD TV to date.


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Hi Dodgexander, thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated!

Just checked the set-up with my parents, and basically all channels they're watching will be available in HD! So no SD.

I've also been offered a display/floor KS7500 set at £727, with 1 year warranty. Been there bout 8 months according to the salesman. Additionally, I can get 5 year warranty on it with a top up of bout £120.

OR a brand new set at £1005, with 3year warranty.

Which would you recommend?


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49 inch.
Any advice on how to check for burn ins?

HDR content will probably come from Netflix. They dont have blu-ray and what not.

Im looking at this tv cause of the relatively decent deal im getting (right?). If not, il probably just get a 43ku6000 or one of the lower end 2017 LG tvs.

Btw, the maximum is a 49 inch set. So either 43 or 49 will do.



Yes it is a good deal, but I'm not sure its a "parents" tv if you see what I mean. Its a popular buy for gamers who want the best HDR performance bang for buck. If your parents are anything like mine, good HDR support is kind of wasted.

I would say that you should see if you can pick up a 120hz TV cheaper without any kind of good HDR support for a better price. Such as Panasonic DX750 or EX750. Even Samsung MU8000/Sony XE85. If those TVs are close in price than the KS series Samsung then you may as well go for that.


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Yea, I get what you mean bout the features being wasted haha. However, the panasonic is more or less the same price. While with the sony the 43x800e would be only slightly cheaper, with the 49x800e possibly the bout the same price. And the Samsung MU8000 is actually a lil more expensive right where im at haha.

As such, i feel like il be getting a better tv with pretty good all-around reviews n such, all at bout the same price plus minus £100. So im thinking going all in on this, or getting a budget set like a KU6000 or the MU6100.

Again, really appreciate your advice.

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