Help me Choose: BenQ E2200HD or Acer F-22 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor


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Hi Guys!!!

I just got back from a month long vacation away from work, friends, and the hustle and bustle of the city life. Please ignore my other threads, I just wanted to reply the comments I never got to comment. Sorry about the 3 threads = (

Anyway this is the thread everyone should help me with :)

SOOO. After my friends giving me suggestions and what not, I've been looking at 2 screens The BenQ E2200HD and the Acer F-22 Widescreen LCD 1680x1050 HDMI. I like the acer one because I also own the Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop = )

It's a bit old, but I still think it's nice!

Anyway, I'm not sure what's the difference between the two. I checked on a few online stores and the Benq one seems to be about 30~60 quid more expensive than the Acer screen, depending on the website.

I'm bassically looking for a screen that will be great for watching movies on, browsing, working, and perhaps TV if I can save some extra for the TV box = P

Bassically I'm looking for a multi-purpose display monitor.

Let me know what you guys recommend = D


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Dont know anything about the benq but heres a reveiw of the acer

Acer F-22 - DigitalVersus

Ive been looking around since i purchased the very poor samsung t220, looks like I got one of the many different panels taht they seem to fit to there monitors and not the first class ones that got tested. It went back next day to argos as they have a 30 day retirns policy

I fancy this one as they say it true 2ms and with 0.7 frame lag which is pretty good for gaming

Another reason i like this is the glossy screen, the samsung was a matt screen which had trouble showing the lighting affects that my CRT monitor can show. I have looked at various laptop glossy screens and they seem to be more glorious colours than the matt screens although you have to put up with a bit of glare


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Hi Dynamo750, thanks for the tip on the Samsung. I'll stay away from that model hahaha.

So you're favoring the Ferrari Acer screen as well right?

I hope some more people would give me more concrete advice on which screen is better.

So, what happened to your Samsung monitor after you returned it? Did you get a new one?


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The samsung went back to Argos and was never seen again, obviously Samsung are up to there old tricks of swapping panel quality to reduce prices

Yep im looking for the f-22 now but its bloomin dear

At £265 ive got some grovelling to the wife before I can afford it

ive not seen a bad reveiw of the acer yet

What gets my goat is that it only $199 in the USA but once the £70 delivery goes on its not worth buying from there incase things go wrong


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Yeah... hahahhaa I'm really not surprised at all that prices in the UK are a lot higher. It's not the first time that I've noticed it either. But the GBP is stronger than the U.S. not so much now, but still remains a lot higher, so that may be a reason, I'm not exactly sure, hahaha. Good luck with that anyway!

Hopefully someone will give me some info about the BenQ monitor hahhaha.


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ok big i could not justify the 265 for the f-22 so i went for the new 22" p224wabid available from pixmania at £185

Yep im pleased with it especially the glossy screen which in my situation gives no bad reflections but gives the most rich colours ive seen on a lcd screen

The controls are touch sensitive and great with acer power management which basically means you get another menu where you can choose between what type of usage you are doing and it adjusts colours to suit[i.e. graphics text]

It also comes with dolby speakers 3w on a console that clips to the feet which ive not tried as ive 5.1 sound anyways. Also on this console is a usb point for connecting the monitor via a pc/laptop usb connection.

The only point I have to mention is I get a little blurring in fast games like COD5 but even the best get this and wearing my glasses seems to help this also

5 stars from me on this monitor
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Hey Man!!!! Great timing! Cause I finally saved up enough cash to get the BenQ E2200HD. I bought it directly from the shop. I got my unit for $210 bucks! Not bad at all!

I attached a picture! Can you see it?

I don't know why, some people have been complaining (as I have read on the other reviews), about the buttons being on the side? To be honest I really like how it's on the side, it makes the face of the monitor look cleaner, more subtle! Wow, and 22" sounds smaller than it really is. It's freaking huge!!! Well compared to my previous computer monitor HAhahaha.

Anyway, the menu button seems pretty thorough with a bunch of adjustments that you may choose to make with the contrast level, brightness and what not, which is totally out of my expertise. All I care about is whether or not the screen has a button for the menu and one for it to go away quickly, and it has an auto adjust function, which is perfect for low tech individuals such as myself! On top of it all it has 2 small speakers on the bottom of the screen that I was quite doubtful about, but they're actually pretty decent!

I mean I would not have anyone expecting to blast music from it and expect Dolby quality, but they are decent for anything else!

Overall, great monitor, 5 stars from me as well! I love this monitor! OH! and surprisingly the screen does not glare at all! Which is awesome! :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, do you or anyone know how to post pictures, but not as attachments? I mean by posting the picture so its' shown, as a blow up picture like most people generally post them with their posts?
Anyway, may help me with the post!

I will keep updating the results of my BRAND SPANKING NEW BenQ E2200HD as well = )


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So I finally had enough time to take pictures of the unit, and play around with it to tell you guys my findings!

As you can see the exterior border of the monitor itself is quite glossy, so that may be something for individuals to consider, it's more preference than actual performance of the monitor I'd say. In my opinion I'd say that it makes it look really nice and shiny, you should just avoid putting your palms on it like how I did, haha.

In this picture, I'm showing the ports. There are three: D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, and a audio input.

Here is the start up screen of the monitor!

Here is the BenQ E2200HD displaying a wall paper. While I was doing the first test of the monitor I wasn't using the BenQ E2200HD as my Primary Monitor, I was actually running a split screen process, where I had my Laptop running the desktop with all the icons (My Computer, Other icons, StartUp Menu and all that), my new monitor was just used to drag anything else onto it.

I think the above two pictures are great to show just how effective 16:9 (1080p, 1920x1080 resolution) is with movies! It fits perfectly with the screen, with hardly any gray black bars on the horizontal axis. And to those who know the movie snatch, it was made in the year of 2000, so there was no HD back then, and you must take my word for it, this is not a remade copy of the movie in HD, it was the original DVD I bought after the release on DVD, hahaha.

Here, is a picture of the quality while I was playing the DVD "Snatch" featuring Brad Pitt, Jason Stathman, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, and many more great actors! It's one of my all time favorite movies, and although it's hard to tell that the monitor is displaying a great image, I'll try to take better shots next time!
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Ian J

I would warn anyone thinking of buying a Benq on the strength of recommendations by forum members that there seem to be about half a dozen people all posting from the same IP address and in many cases from the same computer who are all posting hearty recommendations of Benq products.

bigntall777 is one of them so I would take his comments with a pinch of spam flavoured salt

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