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Help me choose an amp/speaker setup

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by bcom75, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. bcom75


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    So I finally manage to go round to a local hifi shop and check out some amp/speaker combinations I read a lot about on the net. Amp was Rotel RA01, speakers were Monitor Audio B2, B&W 600 S3 and Canton LE 120, 130.
    I prefer the size of the first three, they fit better in my proposed environment. The amp was absolutely excellent, I think I am better off investing a bit more on a Rotel, it sounded really solid.
    Speakers are where I have my doubts. I walked in thinking it would be a shootout between the MA and the B&W, yet surprisingly both myself and my two mates who were there with me agreed that the LE 120 sounded the best of the three. I need the speakers almost exclusively for classical/acoustic jazz usage. I found the bass reflex of the Cantons very good, as well as the frequency range. In comparison, the B2 sounded like missing a band or two of frequency, and the 600 just didn't seem adequate for the Mingus or MJQ I put on as test.
    The LE 130 were a tad too big for my room size, and the bass was not reflex, so it didnt really shine. This leaves the LE 120, it really fit the bill, nice wholesome bass, good tonal range.
    Question is, is the LE 120 really percieved as a head to head competitor of B2 or 600 S3, and should I try some more models (please propose them in that price/physical size range!) or just go with the Cantons straight away. I have been reading about them everywhere, was a bit surprised to see them outperform the other models. Should I give the Karat series or the MA Silver series a shot too, since I plan to pair the speakers with a high qual amp like the RA01 or RA02, and would these series be a REAL improvement over the LE 120?
    Sorry for the length of this post, its just that I am quite baffled by my findings and need some advice before taking the plunge and spending 800 euroes...many thanks!

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