help me choose a tv plzzzzz


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hi there guys !!!

i need help buying a new 36 inch tv i have been serching 4 ages and its a cross between
The 36 philips inch pixel plus !
and the new toshiba 36 inch with component in !

i will be using the tv mainly 4 my vast dvd colection and my computer consoles xbox,gamcube,ps2 !!!

i would allso like to no whether the component in pal compatable!!

plz help THX !!


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"Which TV to buy" questions usually just get people praising the one they bought, or warning you off a set they had a bad experience with. Either way of little use. Search the forum for posts on these sets and draw your own conclusions.

I have the pixel plus set and have been knocked out by it. There are those who swear the Tosh is much better with DVDs because of the component in. I researched all the sets before buying, and watched them all, broadcast and DVD. I chose the 9607 and have never regretted it.

I think you mean is the progressive scan done by the set compatible with PAL. Region 2 DVDs are not compatible with PS, not yet licensed. Is the component in better than an RGB scart? Difficult to say. If you have a lot of R1 discs and DVD really is your main priority the go for the Tosh. Actually rob a bank and buy the Panny plasma - no better way of watching DVDs if you can afford it.

Sorry this is a bit vague but I did warn you.

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