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    First off I have been reading the forums for a while and you all seem very helpful, so I hope you can help me, and maybe I can help you at some point. Well down to it...

    I'm looking at purchasing a projector set-up, in the near future, for my home cinema. My budget is in the region of £2000max for all components required, though I may be able to push this further if the extra cash will make a noticeable difference. My current system includes:

    Yamaha DSP-A2 Amp (composite and s-video switching)
    Pioneer 717 DVD (RGB Scart and S-video)
    Nokia digital box (RGB Scart)
    Gamecube (RGB Scart and composite video)
    PS2 (RGB Scart, composite, s-video and VGA)
    .. and various old consoles with various outputs.

    Whilst the main use will be for film watching and some TV use, a large amount of gaming will also be going on. Presently I use RGB Scart wherever possible and s-video if needed. None of my equipment is component enabled (though the Gamecube and PS2 could have new leads bought) and so I think I'm right in saying without buying expensive processing units I'm going to be using s-video, though I do hear of RGB to RGB VGA converters (this confuses me). My source material is nearly always PAL and I have no HDTV devices (though future proofing is always sensible). Throw distances is anything up to 15 feet. A main concern is image quality (obvious I suppose as no-one wants bad quality) , the majority of usage will be in ambient light for gaming and total darkness for film watching.

    So I guess what I'm asking is within my price range what should I do. From reading around here it seems the SANYO PLV-Z1 could be a good contender, leaving money for a nice screen and extra cabling. Is it worth me buying a switching unit and a video enhancer, will I see a mark able difference. I don't wish to buy a unit that isn't suitable for my sources, they must all look good on it, but I suppose if I had to pick a preference id say DVD watching was priority on picture .Would buying a new DVD player with component video outputs give a much better picture whilst still having as good sound as my old pioneer.

    Well cant think of anything more right now but I'm sure I have forgotten some details so ask away and thanks in advance.

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