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I have been living with a projector for many years now - once you have one there is no going back to a TV! I have recently moved to a new place and want to go a bit further than the previous setup since I have more space to play with and no longer want to project onto a white wall! Please help me choose a projector and screen to work well in the new space!

The room is our living room. Most viewing is done at night when we can get the room nicely dark.

Here is a picture of roughly where we think the screen will be:

We will remove the gas fire and mantlepiece and add built in shelves over that wall that can house the projector screen - I envisage the screen dropping down or pulling up in front of the shelves, with some of the shelving built to house the screen mechanism. The screen size is likely to be around 80" diagonal 16:9 ratio for most movies - just short of the width of the existing fireplace. The image can be positioned anywhere above the floor that seems sensible.

As for mounting the projector, I think I have two choices.
  1. An Ultra Short Throw projector that is fitted in a drawer under the screen - we will pull the drawer out when it is time to watch. I understand that UST projectors are less forgiving with screen sag, so we will need to spend a bit more to get a better tensioned screen. The wiring will be more straightforward as the receiver will be housed in the shelves as well.
  2. A Short Throw projector ceiling mounted on an exposed beam you can see in the top right of the picture.
Here is a diagram showing the rough position and the distances involved:

Movie Projector position options.png

The viewing position will be somewhere to the left of the dotted lines above - a sofa and armchairs probably around 250 cm from the wall.

I'm trying to decide between the two options, and then decide on specific projector and screen once I have narrowed it down. Budget is up to £6,000 for the projector and screen - maybe a bit more if it seems worth pushing the boat out.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice those with more experience than me may have.

Thanks in advance!

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