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help me choose a media server


Standard Member
Hi everyone.

I'm looking for 2tb of storage to store all my music, photos, films and tv shows (all standard definition) that I currently have on my PC. I will not have any HD content to stream/put on the HDD
I will be linking the device to my TV (preferably via HDMI) and my router so that I can share the stored media with a PS3 kept upstairs.
I have been looking at WD TV Live (doesn't do 2tb), PlayonHD2 (won't stream to PS3 I think) and Popcorn Hour (A210 - will it stream to PS3?)
I would prefer the device to have 2tb built in (am not very technically minded) but if there's no other options can look into installing a HDD myself
Will one of the above fit the bill or should I look elsewhere?

Many thanks


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The problem you have is that both the popcorn and playOn units are streamers, they are not NAS devices with a full blown suite of server software installed. They simply plop the internal disk on the network as a network share. If your PS3 can connect to that network share and play files fine but dont expect DNLA or uPnP servers on a streamer - you need a dedicated NAS or PC for that.


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Its seems that the PS3 can *only* see media via a DNLA server and cant browse network shares. So no streamer will do what you wish. You will need either a PC or a NAS to act as a DNLA server to present your media to the PS3


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The PopcornHour will stream to the PS3. I have both, however the PS3 wont play the variety of file types that the PCH will so it's frustrating.
You have the following servers plus a myriad of userapps servers to choose from - upnp, SMB, NFS, NFS-TCP. Simply install the NMT Apps and then turn ON the servers that you require.


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Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies - much appreciated!
As I said I'm not very clued up and I was wondering if someone could expand on the reply left by chris57.
It seems then that the Popcorn Hour will stream to my PS3 but I will need to install some software on the Popcorn first - is this correct?


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Correct. There is a new feature called nmt apps, just like apple and google apps. They're user written apps (maybe some by syabas too) that enhance the firmware already on the popcorn. One of those by the look of it is a uPnP server which your PS3 should then see like a DNLA server on a traditional NAS.

I've no experience of them, but it sounds like Chris has.

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