Help me choose a DVD Recorder


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Current setup

Sony 32" V Series LCD:D
NLT Set top box:rolleyes:
Some cheap video (I went through 5 VCRs in about 10 years so gave up buying "decent" ones and bout a £60 cheapo and it's lastest the longest!!!):suicide:
Pioneer DVD Player DV-444 (MR)

So now I'm after a DVDR and will get rid of the VCR and DVDplayer

But I'm confused:confused: Where do I start with features?

I want decent playback quality when recording from TV.
I want the ability to watch Films/TV Programmes (I know all about Tottents)
Do I need one with a Hard Disk? Dunno:confused: What benefits does it offer?
What's all the other features?

All help appreciated
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