Help me choose a DAC for my system


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I use my PC as my main source for my Hi Fi and I am stuck for choice for a DAC. My system at the moment consists of a Marantz PM5003 amp, KEF IQ1 speakers and an Epos els subwoofer.

Ideally I would like to spend no more than £200 on the DAC, and my choices so far are;

- Beresford TC-7520 at £150

- Musical Fidelity V-DAC at £150

- Cambridge audio DAC Magic at £230

So which of the three would be best suited to my system, or are there any other options? Cheers in advanced -ace :)


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Hi mate :)

I'd recommend the Beresford, my setup is pretty similar to yours, and the Beresford made a great addition to my system.

It has the added benefit of the headamp too, you could argue though that the other 2 DAC's have more of the cost aimed soley at the DAC.

I suppose that's not much help :p


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I should have probably mentioned I was looking at buying a headphone amp, like a little dot, in the near future as well as I don't want to take all my Hi Fi equipment to Uni, so I would just take a headphone amp and my AKG K240's.

I guess the Beresford would kill two birds with one stone then. Has anyone heard both the DAC Magic and the Beresford? Does the DAC Magic sound leaps and bounds better, I'm still really tempted by it :rolleyes:

Hi Tudj by the way, never knew you were on here until today :hiya:


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Bear in mind that the Beresford Headamp cannot be used with analogue sources as there are only digital inputs.


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Look for a secondhand, or new old stock, M-Audio (MidiMan) Flying Cow or Flying Calf. Excellent DAC for the price, just rubbish aesthetics.

I picked one up on eBay for £45 a few weeks ago - bargain!


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Anyone that's heard the DAC Magic and the Beresford care to say a few words? I'm looking to buy a DAC soon so the more opinions the better. :thumbsup:

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